What do I stand for?

Posted: 16 August 2005 in media, stan huskey

Stan Huskey, The editor of our local paper wrote a commentary comprised of sheer wing-nuttery the other day, and I felt compelled to respond.

It wasn’t the part where he said “The economy couldn’t be better right now”. It wasn’t where he mentioned that Rush Limbaugh has “the best of intentions.” It wasn’t even when he said that “When Bush took office he did something about [Medicare]”.

It was when he said “What does a liberal stand for anyway? Left-leaning, inactive, bellyaching, erstwhile radical ??????????????” (quoted exactly from the original, with all fourteen question marks).

So, here’s my reply:

Mr. Huskey,

In your partisan tirade “Tooting the horn for the Republicans” on August 15th, you ask the age old question about the other side’s ideology. “What does a liberal stand for anyway?” As an avowed Liberal, I am compelled to answer.

I stand for equality, for justice, for peace, and for the betterment of all mankind. I do not make exceptions based on race or gender or age or sexuality. I desire equal access to the political and judicial systems for everyone. I believe that peace cannot be attained through forcing our will on those who will not accept it. I believe that we need to use our great power more responsibly.

I do not understand why the Right considers the Left to be such an anathema. Conservatives control the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary, yet still manage to blame every ill on the Left. What more do you want? The Right is acting like a spoiled child that has every toy he asks for, yet throws a tantrum when he cannot have that second helping of ice cream. The Left exists to control the excesses of the Right, just as the Right exists to control the excesses of the Left. The Right, however, seems to want to live in a world completely dominated by their ideals.

I understand the balance of power. I lean far to the Left because the balance is leaning far to the Right, but I truly stand for the center. As a student of history, I can tell you what happens when the Right takes total control, just as I can tell you what happens when the Left takes total control. I have no desire to live under a Hitler or Stalin. I stand for America, where we have a balance, where we strive together in the interest of a common dream.

Mr. Huskey, what do YOU stand for?

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