More letters to the Editor!

Posted: 18 August 2005 in civil rights, human rights, media, religion, republicans, stan huskey

I wrote a letter to the editor of the Times Herald the other day, and today, I got a response:

I too stand for “equality, for justice, for peace, and for the betterment of all mankind.”
I also do not think we are forcing our will on those who will not accept. I believe the people of Iraq, just as the people in what used to be called Palestine, are hungry and aching for freedom and democracy. I believe Democrats have for far too long complained about a plethora of issues while doing nothing about them. I believe Republicans act and Democrats react. I believe our president has stood fast in the face of disaster. I don’t believe he is perfect. I believe he could do more and I believe he could have been mislead about Iraq. And I’m glad you have no desire to live under Hitler or Stalin, because that is exactly the type of vile excuse for a human we recently removed from power in Iraq.

I believe the Ten Commandments should be on the side of the court house. I don’t believe our founding fathers intended anything close to the separation of church and state that we live under today. I believe as our founding fathers believed; that I will live free or die.

I would take a bullet for one of my children. My wife is my best friend. I work hard every day. I pay my taxes and I know my neighbors.

I stand for a lot of things, and hopefully, on my better days, I fall for nothing.

Here’s my response:

Mr. Huskey,

While I would love to get into a debate with you on all the points you brought up, I get the impression that it would be wasted energy. You are never going to convince me that my godless heathen commie ways are wrong, and I am never going to convince you that your backward aggressive theocratic ways are wrong, so I am not even going to go down that road. I am only going to address one of your points. You say “I believe Republicans act and Democrats react.”

First off, you need to separate Conservative and Liberal from Republican and Democrat. The Republican party of today is no longer Conservative. They are ultra-conservative on the social scale, and fiscally liberal. Democrats are moderately conservative on the social scale, and fiscally moderately conservative. Please do not use “Liberal” interchangeably with “Democrat”. True, while some Liberals, myself included, are registered Democrats, they are not one in the same.

Liberals are not reactionary. Conservatives are. That is the base definition of the ideologies. Liberals see a need for change, and they act to change it. Conservatives try to maintain the status quo, and react to combat that change. They are the basic forces of politics, revolving around a middle ground of moderately paced change. Too much change is just as bad as not enough change. We must progress, as it is our nature.

Now, to say that “Republicans act and Democrats react” is like saying “the sky is blue and the sea is green”. Is the sea always green? No. Is the sky always blue? No. Often times, they are a single grey color, indistinguishable from one another. The same goes for Republicans and Democrats. Do they disagree? Yes, on nearly every issue you can name. However, they do not always come down on the same side of ‘action’ and ‘reaction’ as you suggest. After 9/11, both Republicans and Democrats reacted. It was not an ‘action’ to attack Afghanistan; it was a reaction to the action of terrorism. Recently, Democratic and Republican lawmakers acted together to introduce healthcare legislation to streamline medical records. This was not a ‘reaction’, but an action to update a system to benefit the people. I am sure there are countless other examples of Democrats and Republicans both acting and reacting.

I must say though, you continue stoop to partisan attacks that seek only division. We on the left will take shots at whoever is at the helm. I am more than willing to lambaste any politician for their actions, Conservative, Moderate or Liberal (and there are so few Liberal politicians). Why is it that the Right seems only to take shots at the Left?

I found this particularly amusing:

I don’t believe our founding fathers intended anything close to the separation of church and state that we live under today. I believe as our founding fathers believed; that I will live free or die.

So, by living free or dying, that ‘freedom’ is contingent on my not living free, so that your god can be supreme? Good one.

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