Stan Huskey puts words in my mouth and doesn’t even credit me.

Posted: 23 August 2005 in media, republicans, stan huskey

Stan Huskey, right wing-nut and editor of the Times-Herald (to which I subscribe), has responded to my letter, but was too scared to print it in its entirety, or even mention me by name. In fact, most of his column was his email response to me spliced in with my original letter.

“However, a gentleman from Norristown took the conversation just a step or two further when he attempted to explained to me the differences between Democrats and Republicans. In doing so, he inadvertently pointed out that there are a great many similarities.”

I wouldn’t have though he was talking about me until he quotes me (“what do you stand for?”) at the end of the next paragraph. I, neither intentionally nor unintentionally pointed out similarities between Republicans and Democrats. In fact, I didn’t even mention Democrats. I said what I believed as a Liberal, and then went on to ask why Conservatives are so up in arms about us, considering they control the entire government.

Good job, Mr. Huskey. You’ve managed to put words in my mouth without even bothering to have my lips move.


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