Here we go again…

Posted: 19 October 2005 in civil rights, human rights, media, republicans, stan huskey

Inadvertently is not a misquote. If I took your message out of context I
The $1,800 a year is not a fixed amount. The amount of tax an individual or
family will pay will depend on the amount of groceries and other items they
buy. And, most importantly, the amount of the tax will not be at the whim of
a local school board that has its heart set on building a $60 million shrine
to themselves.
Finally, something we can agree upon. I, too, believe we should be willing
to sacrifice for the betterment of all of us.

Stan Huskey, editor
The Times Herald

Move those goal posts!

Mr. Huskey,

At no point did I say that you misquoted me. You did, however, imply that I had said something that I did not say. You told your readers, without being specific, that I had said something that I in no way said, but since you didn’t print my letter, there is no way for them to know otherwise. This, in my opinion, is much the same as misquoting me. You used the fact that I had written you a letter as a means to advance your own viewpoint without actually using that letter.

The $1,800 you speak of does not have to be a fixed amount for the sake of my argument. It could be $200. Regardless, you are cutting the taxes of those who have the resources to own their home, and raising the taxes on those who do not. This is the same thinking that tries to logically explain that the wealthiest 1% of Americans should not pay as much in taxes as the rest of us. You say this, and then say that you agree with me that we should be willing to sacrifice. I don’t understand how you can reconcile these two positions. Should not the rich, or even more locally, those who can afford to own their homes, sacrifice more for getting more out of the system that has allowed them to get where they are?

Let me give you a metaphor, to more accurately explain this.

You go to the car dealership to buy a car. There are three cars on the lot, all the same price. First, a Ford Focus. Compact, no frills. Second, a Volkswagen Passat. Nicely appointed, mid-size. Third, a Lamborghini Diablo. Top of the line everything, fast, the ‘ultimate’ car. Like I said, all three are the same price, so you have your pick.

Which one do you choose? The catch here is the insurance. You will pay very little for the Focus. You will pay more for the Passat. You will pay much, much more for the Diablo. You will pay more for the privilege, the luxury of owning a vehicle that gives you more.

The same goes for America. There is no reason that those who have benefited from our capitalist society should simply be excused from paying, or given breaks. You get more from the system, you give more back. It is the basic principle of sacrifice. There is this belief that somehow, we are entitled to something. The only thing we are “entitled to” is to live in a free society. However, as a number of magnets on car trunks are so quick to point out, “Freedom Isn’t Free”. Like I said before, some people sacrifice their time, some sacrifice their lives. The rest of us should not be looking for ways to get out of sacrificing the pay we receive due to the fact that we live in a society that has allowed us to earn that money.

Of course, I do see the root of your cause here. It is not that you are upset with paying taxes, it is that you are upset with how they’re spent. Simply because your funds are misspent (in your opinion, on this particular point, I do not disagree) is no reason to not pay. Call for better oversight. Get involved. If you do not like the way the School Board operates, run for the School Board. Get behind a candidate that thinks the way you do. Your tax-slashing plan is akin to an embargo, and we have seen time and again that embargos simply do not work. The only people to be hurt are the constituents. If you cut school spending, the only people you hurt are students. The Board will find ways to get what they want if they are as corrupt and self-serving as you believe. Cutting taxes will not affect that.

The only thing your tax plan would do is make the poor poorer, the rich richer, and add another means for Americans to convince themselves that they are entitled to everything they survey.


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