Enough is enough.

Posted: 22 March 2006 in human rights, politics, religion, stan huskey, terrorism, war

This is the letter I’m sending to The Times Herald:

It has become apparent to me that I am wasting my money on your paper. Over the past six months, your reporting of our democratic process, particularly that relevant to Pennsylvania, has been atrocious. Inadequate at the best points, and ill-researched and outright biased at the worst points, I’m left wondering why you bothered to report on the fact that we have a political system in this country at all. Now, I’ve been more than happy to stomach this inadequacy for the past six months, but this Sunday’s paper was the final straw.

You reported after Tuesday’s primary that a mere 11% turned out to the polls. Perhaps, if you’d spent more time letting your readers know that there was actually a primary on the 16th, and spent less time emblazoning your Sunday edition’s headline with outlandish conspiracy theories about our government’s complicity in 9/11, that 11% would have been slightly higher. Perhaps if you’d devoted even a single column to the candidates that were running (besides the League of Women Voter’s outline), more people would have voted.

It has become painfully obvious with this garbage that you have spewed across your front page that you are nothing more than a two-bit tabloid rag, the likes of which I expect to find printing tales of three-headed cats raising human children on Venus. While these wild conspiracy theories have a place, perhaps even a place in a mainstream newspaper, I daresay that the front page is not the place for them, especially when there are other pressing matters around the world that you could spend thirty seconds of your time reporting on. Perhaps something on the genocide in Darfur? Isn’t that front-page worthy? If unsubstantiated tales of George W. Bush single-handedly plotting 9/11 deserve to be above the fold, then surely you could have addressed actual government misdeeds, such as the new growing Watergate scandal?

But, I guess not. After all, there are better things to waste your pages on than actual news.

I subscribed to a newspaper. As you are no longer providing actual news, please cancel my subscription.

I’m done paying for their schlock.

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