More Madness From Huskeyville

Posted: 3 April 2007 in media, politics, stan huskey

In an editorial penned by someone named “In Our View” that smacks of Stan Huskey’s “my pocketbook comes before your starving kid” mentality, the Times Herald has reminded readers that Governor Ed Rendell isn’t the tooth fairy:

We will remind our readers once again that we were all told by Gov. Rendell that if our state legislators would approve gambling in Pennsylvania, we would receive a $1 billion for property tax relief from the revenues. We’re still waiting.

To which I responded:

14 Slots licenses were awarded last year. Since then, two casinos have opened, the first in January, the second in February. Did you expect nickels placed in the slots to magically drop right into state coffers? Maybe you were hoping for little gambling elves to advance the State Treasury the cash right away? Perhaps you were expecting all fourteen casinos to simply cough up the billion dollars before they opened?

Sounds more like a partisan jab at Governor Rendell to point out that his plan isn’t working two months after it has officially begun. I guess he just misplaced his wand that turns slots licences into piles of gold coins while he was off working to raise the minimum wage and securing better health care for older Pennsylvanians.

But, the Times Herald screens all comments for views that tend to support their positions, so I doubt it will be posted to the site.

Edit: No surprise on the comments.


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