Ludicrous indeed.

Posted: 15 May 2007 in civil rights, human rights, media, republicans, stan huskey

As a follow-up to my last post, I decided to send yet another shot across Mr. Huskey’s bow, and fired him off this letter:

Hi Stan,

We’ve been down this road before, but since you’ve taken away commenting on your site, I’m left with simply emailing you and hoping beyond hope that my views are aired. Out of your latest missive concerning Act 1, I found a point that’s either an error in logic or an out-and-out diversion:

“If we put a 4-percent sales tax on food we could all but wipe out the property tax.

Now think about this for a minute. You’re in the grocery store and you’ve just bought $100 worth of food. Do you really think that $4 tax is going to prevent you, or anyone else, from eating a meal? It’s ludicrous if you do.”

Ludicrous, indeed? Four dollars doesn’t seem like much to you (or even most people), but it’s not just four dollars, is it? Let’s say someone spends $100/week to feed their family. My wife and I, without children, can come close to that. Even though we tend to be thrifty shoppers, we’ve both got dietary restrictions that tend to limit us to more expensive alternatives (one of these ‘restrictions’ is a simple desire to eat healthy, which is not cheap). Regardless, let’s go with the $100/week number because it’s nice and round and very accurately illustrates my point. As I was saying, it’s not just four dollars. Over the course of a month, it’s $16. Over the course of a year, that added 4% turns into over $200. So, under your plan, people wind up paying for two weeks more food every year than they actually bring home. Whatever numbers you plug into that equation, you get the same statistics: Your four percent increase costs people two weeks of food every year. Two weeks of meals, just so you can eliminate property taxes.

I’d rather shoulder a greater part of the burden myself than reducing the buying power of those who can least afford it, especially on necessities. But, I guess that’s what separates us.

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