Stan, Stan, Stan…

Posted: 15 May 2007 in civil rights, human rights, media, republicans, stan huskey

I am ever fearless in the face of lunacy:

Thanks for writing. You should be able to comment on Stan’s Blog.
Here’s my point with the 4 percent tax on food versus the 1.5 percent increase in the wage tax. I won’t have a choice with the 1.5 percent. It will be taken out of my paycheck like clock work. I will, however, have a choice with the 4 percent tax on food. I can put back the bag of chips or the six pack of soda. If you subtract the 1.5 from the 4 we’re talking about only a 2.5 percent increase in the food tax. There are a lot of different ways to slice up the numbers.

So cordial, Stan! Maybe he should just choose to not eat? I respond:


You didn’t post this to your blog, so I couldn’t comment there.

As for your “choice”? Choose to spend less on food? My wife just came back from the store – shopping for the week – and spent $65. That’s for two people. That’s working under a single income (my wife is a graduate student at UPenn). That’s being extremely frugal. That’s shopping in bulk at BJs. That’s clipping coupons. Two people, $65, and let’s call that a baseline. But it doesn’t matter. Even if we spent $2 a week on food, your proposed tax increase still costs us two weeks more in food than we’re currently spending. How about this, Stan. How about you “chose” to simply make less money? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about your wage tax increase. Pretty simple, right?


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