Posted: 16 April 2009 in civil rights, feminism, human rights, obamanation, politics

Ok, so I’ve been ruminating alot about feminism recently. I consider women’s rights one of my major issues, along with same-sex rights. In fact, I see these things as inextricably linked, because opposition to both is, at its core, fanatical support of imposing “traditional” gender roles. Women can’t work because they belong in the kitchen. Gays can’t marry because men do not get penetrated. Lesbians can’t have children because children need a father. Abortion should be illegal because a woman’s uterus is not hers to control.

“Get back in the kitchen, bitch, and stop biting that pillow you fag. Also, lesbians just need a good fucking to snap them out of it.” This is what I hear when people support stuff like Prop 8 or the overthrow of Roe v Wade. It’s gender issues. I don’t even like to couch it as gender equality – I prefer gender neutrality. Fuck who you want to fuck, love who you want to love, and be in control of your reproductive self. Not that I advocate abortion as a means of birth control, actually. I think it’s a stupid and harmful practice. I’m a strong advocate of not having to let it get to that point by employing means of birth control that prevent the actual fertilization.

So, when I hear the Pope saying that condoms don’t prevent AIDS, what he’s actually saying is “God owns your uterus, and if he chooses to put an unintended baby and/or a deadly disease there, who are you to argue?”

So, anyway, feminism. Feminism is the belief that women should be equal to men. Radical feminism is the belief that there is a patriarchy holding women down that needs to be overthrown.

I would have to say that I’m a radical feminist… just without the radicalization. Because I’m (with apologies to Fred Clark) a slacktivist.

But then there’s this concept of pro-feminism. I find it mildly insulting that some feminists out there think that men can’t actually be feminists, so they say that men who support feminism are simply pro-feminist. What the fuck is that? I’m in support of equality for everyone, but the people who are most in need of that support don’t want to be equal with me? Well fine, you can be a chauvinist pig, too.

Further, though, is it actually fair to simply lump myself under the mantle of feminism? I’m not just in favor of women’s equality, but everyone’s equality. It’s not just a patriarchy out there holding women down, it’s a white heterosexual male oligarchy holding non-white, non-male, non-heterosexuals down. And just because I happen to be a white heterosexual male doesn’t mean I don’t find it completely abhorrent. So, does that make me a feminist or not?

Of course, I am still skeptical of the whole concept of movement politics. Once they get what they want, they tend to ignore everyone else. Blacks are completely equal now that Obama is President , but despite Coretta Scott King’s words otherwise, the larger civil rights movement isn’t too concerned with helping homosexuals gain the same rights that they fought and suffered for. So, when women are finally equal, will they reach down and give a hand up to the next group that isn’t?

Because I’m an equal opportunity equal opportinist. If one person isn’t equal to the rest, that means no one is equal. Seeing that from the top doesn’t change it. I don’t want to be part of the advantaged, I want to be equal.


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