Posted: 21 April 2009 in civil rights, human rights, obamanation

I agree in principle with the Obama administration’s cop-out to prosecuting torturers:

“they carried out their duties relying in good faith upon legal advice from the Department of Justice”

OK, I can see the reasoning there. Sure, what they did was abhorrent, counter-productive, and downright illegal, the point here is that as illegal as it was, it was technically legal because Justice said so, and no court stepped up to say that it wasn’t. So, it was de facto legal, if not quite de jure legal. Small distinction, but I get it. Let’s ignore for a moment that the very people who carried out this torture were the ones begging for it to be ruled legal (because prior to that, it wasn’t. Because it isn’t. Confused yet?).

HOWEVER, I cannot fathom why Obama would declare that this is bad bad naught evil stuff that was illegal even though they were told it was legal, and then SAY THAT HE’S NOT GOING TO EVEN PROSECUTE THE PEOPLE WHO SAID IT WAS LEGAL. Bullshit. Either it was legal (which we all know it wasn’t), or it was illegal. If it was legal, we wouldn’t have to worry about telling people that they won’t be prosecuted. If it was illegal, someone should be held accountable – namely the cabal of people who said “sure, all of this is legal if we ignore the millions of documents that say it’s not.” Those people should be indicted. They should be put on trial for war crimes and human rights violations.

Because if they don’t go after the likes of Alberto Gonzales and John Yoo for human rights violations that the Administration has admitted happened and AGonz and Yoo gave legal cover to, how can they have any standing whatsoever to prosecute or even call for the prosecution of other accused war criminals?

I thought this Administration was all about restoring our moral standing in the world? Obviously they felt that our moral standing was lying down, so what does that say about them when they refuse to even address it?


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