Quote of the day

Posted: 28 April 2009 in republicans

the Republican Party has room for conservatives and moderates because we are the party of ideas.

-PA GOP Chariman Rob Gleason

Sure, Rob.  Where do you keep them?  In a little pot at the end of a rainbow, guarded by a leprechaun?  Because we haven’t heard any ideas from your party lately that don’t involve “Uh, no to whatever Obama wants.”

  1. Leigh says:

    No kidding, what the hell Republicans? Moderates? No, you guys are the crazy white guy party.

  2. You’re misunderstanding the quote. “Moderate” means “calls gays ‘homos’ instead of ‘f*gs’ and thinks pregnant women have a right to shoes.”

    And they didn’t say they were the party of good ideas.

  3. Leigh says:

    Oh I see, I forgot to translate the quote into Wingnut. I do that sometimes.
    Party of ideas, that makes me giggle.

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