Waterboarding for Jesus (he'd do it for you!)

Posted: 4 May 2009 in civil rights, human rights, religion

According to a new poll, the more you go to church, the higher the likelihood that you think it’s OK to torture people.

So, basically, the more you hear the preacher talk about peace on Earth and goodwill towards men, the more likely it is that you’ll think that strapping someone to a plank where their feet are elevated above their head, draping a thick sheet of gauze over their face, and then pouring water on it for ten to twenty seconds, pausing for a few seconds, and then repeating that ten to twenty times is A-OK.

Of course, I seriously doubt my correlation there is correct.  All the people I’ve ever encountered that attend religious services more than once a week on a regular basis aren’t going to churches where “peace on Earth and goodwill towards men” is the primary tenant.  They tend to go to churches that cater to a more… visceral… side of the theology.  One that involves a lot of blood and fire and shame and the fleeting hope of purity that one will never be able to obtain.

So yeah, I can see how being told you and everyone you know is going to roast for eternity for being human would naturally lead you to believe that it’s no big deal to chain a human being to the ceiling and let him hang for two days before slamming him into a wall and then packing him into a 3’x3′ box.  Seems like a natural progression.

  1. Hey, if all the people you love are going to burn forever in hell, why would you care about some damn mooslins?

  2. Còmhradh says:

    I think that the next logical question is that if these people claim to get their entire morality and concept of love and basically everything from their deity, and he’s going to chuck them into the eternal BBQ pit, do they actually have a concept of real love?

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