Posted: 21 May 2009 in obamanation, politics, republicans

From Gin and Tacos:

The downside of this legislation for the lenders is that they lose a very profitable component of their business – banging honest borrowers with fee hikes and charging non-payers substantial penalties. I’ll try not to lose sleep over that while reminding them, amidst their whining, that there is no Constitutional right to maintain the profit margins they enjoyed before this crisis. To claim that regulating dishonest, gray area practices by lenders will (further) bankrupt the banks and bring lending to a halt is approximately as logical, and as true, as claiming that laws against stalking and rape mean there will be no more sex.

That’s pretty much the long and short of it.  Credit card companies are whining about how they can’t abuse their customers any more, and that limiting their ability to do so will result in DOOOOOOM.  This sounds eerily familiar to Dick Cheney whining about how we can’t abuse detainees anymore, and limiting our ability to do so will result in DOOOOOOM.  But hey, we have the financial equivalent of violating someone anally with a flashlight, and the real thing, so you can see how the people who support these things would sound the same.

And in a particularly unrelated note (no, really), the legislation to stop credit companies from slithering through back alleys and into your financial well-being also includes a provision to allow people to pack heat in national parks!  Can’t you see the relation?

This is wonderful news for any Democrat who wants to challenge his long-serving Senator.  “SENATOR CHARLTON HESTON VOTED TO ALLOW DANGEROUS CRIMINALS TO SHOOT YOU AT YELLOWSTONE!”  Also, if you’re a Republican with the same aspirations, you can easily say “SENATOR STALIN VOTED TO DESTROY YOUR CREDIT AND SOCIALIZE THE BANKING SYSTEM!”

But what do you think the chances are that the average NRA member is going to take Obama’s signature on that legislation as a sign that maybe he’s not coming to get your guns?

  1. Leigh says:

    From what I heard last night the Repubs were making it sound like him signing this measure was the first step towards him taking away their guns. It was a beautiful moment of sheer insanity, watching this man talking about having the right to have a loaded weapon in a national park is the first step to a man taking away your right to own a gun.
    Chris pointed out though that this is simply making legal something that people are doing already, showing up in National parks and getting drunk and shooting things. Since he’s been to more parks than I have I’ll willing to believe him.

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