Posted: 8 June 2009 in civil rights, feminism, women's rights

From Feministing:

A South Korean woman was sucessfully sued for “damaging her social and moral image through her own fault” after she comitted suicide.  What horrible tabloid fodder did she do to damage her social and moral image?  Partying on the town?  Lurid pictures?  Drugs?

Nope, she allowed herself to be beaten by her abusive husband.

And now we have the South Korean court system to thank when abused women are blamed for their abuse.

  1. You know, my abuser used to tell me it was my fault all the time.

    Good to know he was right.

  2. Còmhradh says:

    Don’t you feel so much better now that the South Korean legal system has empowered you? All that time, you were just abusing yourself and could have stopped at any moment!

    First they gave us the Hyundai, and now this! What future wonders will spill forth from South Korea?

  3. victoria says:


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