No, that really was a good idea.

Posted: 11 June 2009 in civil rights, obamanation, religion, republicans, terrorism, women's rights

In the wake of two incidents of right-wing domestic terrorism, maybe monitoring right-wing extremists actually was a good idea.

And now, as Ed from Gin and Tacos points out, these terrorists-in-waiting have now been assured that these tactics work!  The government’s not going to monitor them, when they gun people down, the clinics close… So what if they get martyred for their deeds?

Dick Cheney was right.  We got hit by terrorists again.  But this time, part of the blame has to rest squarely on the shoulders of people who agree with his policies, because they were the ones screaming to repeal measures that would make us safer.

Republicans:  soft on terror.

  1. Leigh says:

    Isn’t Ed awesome? I would take his classes.
    We’re going to allow these people to get away with shooting doctors because they are all “lone wolf” shooters. And they’re white. If they aren’t brown they aren’t terrorists. Duh!

  2. victoria says:

    i wonder if there is any kind of explanation as to why they are closing the clinic. is it because they dont have enough staff willing to do it? have they all been scared away? or is it really just that “someone got killed, so we should shut down.”

  3. Leigh says:

    From what I understand it was that Tiller was killed. They will be opening another clinic elsewhere in Kansas, but that particular one will be closed.

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