Dick Cheney – Now with 27% more inhumanity!

Posted: 12 June 2009 in obamanation, republicans, terrorism

President Obama gave a limp-wristed pansy terrorist-coddling speech the other day, so defender of all that is right and good Dick Cheney had to respond, had to put America back on the right track.  Because he’s still relevant, dammit!  RELEVANT!

Right now there is considerable debate in this city about the measures our administration took to defend the American people.

Right now being 2002-present.  Of course, the people who began the debate back in 2002 were considered fringe America-hating whackjobs, and in 2008 they were over 50% of the electorate.  Funny that.

when [Obama] faults or mischaracterizes the national security decisions we made in the Bush years, he deserves an answer. The point is not to look backward.

Unless by “looking backward” you mean “making solid gold statues of Dick Cheney, our lord and savior.  And by “mischaracterizes,” you mean “tells the hard truth,” a concept that Dick Cheney has never been acquainted with.

Our government prevented attacks and saved lives through the Terrorist Surveillance Program, which let us intercept calls and track contacts between al-Qaeda operatives and persons inside the United States. The program was top secret, and for good reason, until the editors of the New York Times got it and put it on the front page. After 9/11, the Times had spent months publishing the pictures and the stories of everyone killed by al-Qaeda on 9/11. Now here was that same newspaper publishing secrets in a way that could only help al-Qaeda. It impressed the Pulitzer committee, but it damn sure didn’t serve the interests of our country, or the safety of our people.

  1. victoria says:

    yeah, unfortunately, when it comes to things prevented, theres really no way to know for sure, or to prove it was going to happen had you not done whatever you did. just because it didnt happen isnt proof that something you did had anything to do with that.

  2. Proving once again that if you have to ask “don’t you know who I am?!”, they don’t know who you are.

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