Outrage Index

Posted: 10 July 2009 in civil rights, feminism, obamanation, outrage index

So, I don’t post here nearly as much as I would like to, because I am in a serious writing funk lately.  That being said, there are plenty of things that raise my ire, and I simply can’t muster the words to properly vent my spleen, so I will merely make with the links and the Twitter-length pithy snark:

‘No Coloreds Allowed’ Pool Now Operating In Montgomery County – This is not too far from me, and it’s disgusting.

NFL Player serves 24 days of a 30-day sentence for KILLING A GUY – Seriously?  He was drunk and killed someone and got 30 days and only had to donate $2500?  HE’S A MILLIONAIRE!  Oh, right.

Texas declares a moratorium on education – THIS HERE BIBLE’S ALL THE SKOOLIN AH NEED.  Actually, it could have been worse.

The Telegraph is re-writing scientific journals for headlines – but hey “men might be the problem here” isn’t going to sell a lot of papers, are they?  WE ALL KNOW WOMEN CAN’T READ, RIGHT?

Obama nixes nixing the federal needle swap ban – Oh, but he’s still so HANDSOME, right?

OK, that’s my outrage limit for the day.  There’s so much more out there, but my life insurance policy doesn’t cover me throwing myself onto I-95 at rush hour.


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