War! Huh, what is it good for and stuff.

Posted: 10 July 2009 in war

Makarios, the anti-Christian who hates his atheist strawman, has postulated that atheists would like us to believe that religion is the cause of all wars.  Of course, he then turns the tables and declares that every war in the 20th century is attributable to atheism.

Of course, just like the rest of his site, it’s all bullshit.  However, let’s look at the thesis here:

Religion is the cause of War

Actually, no.  Wars are fought over resources and territory.  They’re not even fought over political ideology.  Religion, politics, national pride, living space*… these are all just convenient excuses to get the rank and file to start shooting in the direction you’d like them to shoot at.  None of them are actual causes for wars.  Wars are started because one group of people is in control of what another group of people wants and feels it can obtain by strength.  I challenge anyone to provide me a war that was not fought because of this.

Allow me to knock off the obvious answers:

The Crusades: a series of wars fought for control over the near Middle East and Asia Minor

The American Revolution: instigated by a bunch of wealthy plutocrats who had a vested interest in lands that were unavailable to them for development under British rule.

World War II: begun by a country seeking more resources, perpetuated by other countries seeking economic dominance.

Either way, an educated atheist (you know, most of them) would not try to pass off the concept that wars are fought because of religion.

* – I had to throw that in as a nod to Makarios who rarely goes an entire post and corresponding comments without proving Godwin correct.


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