The crazy is strong with these people.

Posted: 22 July 2009 in obamanation, politics, republicans

So, a Republican holds a town hall meeting on healthcare reform, and some nutjob hijacks it to screech about Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  Note to crazy woman:  this issue was settled a long time ago.

What exactly do these people hope to accomplish?  Even if, despite all evidence to the contrary, he was found to be ineligible for the Presidency, Joe Biden would serve the remainder of his term.  It’s not going to invalidate the 2008 election any more than Watergate scandal invalidated the 1972 election – the result would be identical.  The Vice President would serve the remainder of the term.

The real issue here isn’t that Barack Obama might not be a “natural-born citizen” (just like his opponent, John McCain, who we can actually prove was born in Panama), it’s that Barack Hussein Obama II has the audacity, the very nerve to be black.  At no point in the course of the election did I hear anyone on the left cite McCain’s dubious “natural born” status as a reason he shouldn’t be allowed to serve, unless it was stated ironically as a counterpoint to the mouth-frothing lunacy of the right-wing anti-negro-in-the-white-house-doing-something-other-than-holding-the-door-open movement.

The real hilarity about this video is the fact that these people lash out at everyone over this issue.  Castle, a long-serving Republican, basically tells this woman “look, get over it, he’s an American, can we please talk about important things?” and the whole crowd loses their shit.  Then they start in with the “one of us!  one of us!” recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, with some barking that this eight-term Congressman probably doesn’t even know it.  The recital of the Pledge is in itself hilarious, with “under God” shrieked out like the voices a bunch of second-grade homeschoolers raising excitedly at the line that is far more important to their parents than “liberty and justice for all,” followed by clapping as if the entire room had just gone to the big-boy potty without pissing all over the seat.  Please note that these people are supposedly adults.

Want to know the reason why the Framers wanted to limit access to vote to the educated upper classes?  These mouth-breathers are it.  This is your informed electorate.  And when more than 50.1% of the voting public disagrees with them, they’ll show up at your town hall nine months later to freak out about long-settled non-issues that they hold dear, demanding some sort of resolution that even they can’t conceive of, because the whackjob media that they frequent tells them it’s a problem that they’ve got to speak up for if they want to take the country back from the “socialists” (although they wouldn’t be able to define socialism correctly if you paid them).

  1. Victoria says:

    well said.

    I love this :)

  2. Leigh says:

    That was brilliant.

  3. Danielle says:

    McCain might’ve been born in Panama? Why have I never heard of this delicious piece of gossip?

  4. Còmhradh says:

    Might? Public record confirms it. He’s a dirty foreigner! (no offense offence).

  5. […] was the better choice.  Her opponent in the primary was the generally popular Mike Castle, who was accosted by birthbaggers last year at a town hall meeting about healthcare.  Castle has Kennedy-level support in Delaware, and it was […]

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