Sestak for Senate

Posted: 4 August 2009 in civil rights, environment, human rights, indecision 2010, politics, republicans, women's rights

Joe Sestak officially announced that he’s challenging Arlen Specter. So, we have an admiral vs. a ship jumper.

I know that the primary is almost a year away, but this one’s important.  Arlen Specter’s not the worst Senator out there, but he’s on the wrong side of a number of issues and can’t even be bothered to sugar-coat the fact that he is concerned, first and foremost, with his own political career.

Joe Sestak is solid on all of my hot button issues:

He supports gender equality and women’s rights.
He supports LGBT equality and a repeal of DOMA.
He’s good on education, labor, healthcare and the environment.

In short, he’ll make a better advocate for Pennsylvania in the Senate, and while I’m always nervous in an election regardless of the odds, I’d say that anyone with a pulse has a good chance of beating the everloving snot out of Pat Toomey, who is just barely capable of purchasing Geico insurance.

  1. JD Curtis says:

    I’ll bet they go for Toomey. For spite if nothing else.

  2. JD Curtis says:

    Wanna take me up on the offer C?

  3. Còmhradh says:

    Wanna take me up on the offer C?

    I’m sorry, there was an offer?

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