Legitimate? Oh, we're well familiar with that term by now, aren't we?

Posted: 3 November 2009 in obamanation, politics, war

Barack Obama called Hamid Karzai to congratulate him on his re-election for not being the candidate to stand up and say “this process is a sham and I won’t support it.” Obama further weighed in with:

Although the process was messy, I’m pleased to say that the final outcome was determined in accordance with Afghan law.

Say WHAT?  It’s universally accepted that what Obama calls “messy” is more colloquially referred to as “rampant with enough fraud to make Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blush.”  The point here being that if Karzai is the “legitimate” president re-elect in accordance with Afghan law, then Afghan law is seriously fucked.  Of course, we all know that by now, didn’t we?

The entire country is a good-old-fashioned Iraq-style clusterfuck.  Even our military doesn’t know what to do with it, which isn’t surprising, considering both the British and Russians were unable to subjugate what is essentially a rock-covered heroin farm.  And now, to add to the complete catastrophe that is our involvement there, we have re-legitimized a” leader” who barely has control of his capital and is widely viewed as the top rung of a criminal organization that deals solely in corruption and masquerades as a government.

That’s what we’re in bed with now that Obama has stood up on TV and gladhanded the whole process.  A couple hundred thousand votes weren’t counted?  Critical polling stations had more votes for Karzai than registered voters?  Impartial eyewitnesses observed blatant ballot stuffing?  Local warlords loyal to Karzai set in control of voting?  FREE AND FAIR, I tell you!

The only thing that could have made Karzai more legitimate would have been to have the Afghan supreme court stop the runoff and declare him a winner, and then publicly hang someone named Chad.


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