Parenting should require a license.

Posted: 4 February 2010 in Uncategorized

Going through the Pennsylvania adoption process, it’s clear that the state doesn’t want to take many chances with kids after one set of parents has already fucked up.   They don’t want to put kids in their care into families that are as fucked up as the ones they had to be taken from.  This sounds like a good policy, but it doesn’t seem to go far enough.  I had to go through a criminal background check, classes, a physical examination, and they’ll be coming to my home to see how I live soon.


I ask, because this sort of rigorous testing should have been applied to Billy Ray and Leticia Cyrus.  After all, they’ve got four kids, and while I haven’t heard of any colossal clusterfucks with the boy-children, there seems to be a Jon-Benet-like dynamic with the girls.  First, we had then fifteen-year-old Destiny Hope ‘Miley’ Cyrus posing almost nude with her father and now we’ve got ten-year-old Noah Cyrus’ lingerie line FOR CHILDREN.



  1. Jessica says:

    As a parent, I agree with this one. Expecting parents should take classes. I’m serious. There is so much that can go wrong, and if you don’t have a fantastic support structure you can really screw up. Big time. Classes can at least tell you what to expect. Give you an idea of how to handle things. It seems stupid that biological parents are left out to sea on how to raise kids.

  2. Còmhradh says:

    I think part of the problem is that we still have a “village” mentality – that is, it’s expected that everyone has a large support system of friends and family to help them parent a child and teach them the inner mysteries of child rearing. Thing is, we don’t really have that in our modern society.

    Of course, that just segues into a larger argument I’ve been making lately that all of our modernization, while intended to bring us together, has only served to drive us farther apart and isolate us from each other.

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