Science is hard, therefore, it is wrong.

Posted: 25 February 2010 in environment

That Dirty Librul Media ran a story about how people are refusing to accept global climate change in increasing numbers (or human responsibility for it) despite more and more data proving that it is happening and we are directly to blame.

One of the quotes that was the most disturbing came from the CEO of a West Virginia coal company:

clearly anyone that says that they know what the temperature of the Earth is going to be in 2020 or 2030 needs to be put in an asylum because they don’t.

How anyone becomes the CEO of a company while espousing such nonsense eludes me.

Using that “logic,” we should abandon anything that relies on any sort of long-term prediction. You know, like getting in the car and driving. You just don’t KNOW that the grocery store will still be there when you arrive, so what’s the point of even going? For that matter, do we even know that the store even exists in the first place? Maybe our recollections from past visits were just devil-plagued hallucinations.

Of course, there are two things to consider about this quote: 1) that this man is from West Virginia, a place that is known for accepting things unseen only if the source is ~2,000 years old, and 2) that this man makes gobs of money off of an industry that all those papers agree is causing the problem. I’m actually willing to bet this is less SCIENCE < JESUS and more DENYING THE PROBLEM = MO' MONEY, AND BESIDES I'LL BE DEAD WHEN THE EARTH BLOWS UP ANYWAY.

And of course, there are the immediate shrieks that since the Northeast is currently getting the leading edge of the fourth blizzard in what is already an unprecedented winter season, Global Warming is a myth. Because relative temperature is a clear indicator of average, right? Australia called, you’re wrong. It’s going to hit 88° in Darwin today.

The problem with the term “Global Warming” is twofold – initially because of the aforementioned knee-jerk reaction, but more importantly that it’s a bit of a misnomer. Global Warming is only part of the problem. Global Climate Change, that’s the whole picture. Desertification of once-lush grassland, rising sea levels, increased weather activity, Philadelphia being buried under more snow than anyone has seen in one year since they bothered to start writing this stuff down, Portugal being swept away in a flood… these are all symptoms of what people dismiss because it’s cold outside today on the small speck of the planet that they happen to be occupying.

There’s also the bias that comes from seemingly insignificant numbers. Global catastrophe, the end of civilization as we know it – literally the end of our world – is 5-10 degrees off. 5-10 degrees? The temperature on any given day in my neck of the woods can swing 20-30 degrees, so I can imagine people not quite grasping what an average global rise of 5-10 degrees would even mean. That is an (and I use this phrase to underline the enormity) imperial mega-fuck-ton of heat. That is the difference between the polar ice caps being, you know, on the poles and the polar ice caps washing up on your Bucks County beach-front property. Not that you’d be able to enjoy it, because guess what would happen when 150 million people worldwide find their homes underwater? That’s right, global economic collapse. That beach-front property wouldn’t be so much a place down the shore as it would be a military bunker to keep the hordes away from your food, and (less importantly at that point), your wife and children.

So yeah, I can see why people want to deny that. Because it’s a grim, ugly, fucked-up scenario that is coming soon to a planet near you. Of course, chances are, you’ll be dead by the time it actually happens, but I suggest feeding your children a steady diet of The Road Warrior.


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