Shared Work

Posted: 17 March 2010 in politics, worker's rights

My very own State Representative Matt Bradford had a piece of legislation approved unanimously by the House Labor Relations Committee to allow a shared work program for Pennsylvania employers:

Shared work programs allow employers to avoid permanent layoffs by reducing the number of regularly scheduled hours of work for all or part of their workforce. Workers would then be eligible to offset their reduction in pay through the state’s unemployment compensation program.

Under a work sharing program, an employee is eligible to receive shared work benefits in proportion to their reduction in hours under the plan. For example, an employee whose hours are reduced by 20 percent would then be eligible for 20 percent of the weekly unemployment compensation benefit he or she would receive if 100 percent unemployed.

While not a panacea for the ridiculous state of our healthcare, this bill is a huge improvement over the status quo. Instead of being forced to cut workforce, companies would be able to spread around the damage but keep employees working (ensuring that a specialized workforce remains) and covered by insurance. This is a win-win for PA employers and employees. If you’re in PA, call your rep and tell them to vote yea on HB 2160!


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