Recently, I had a “discussion” with my brother-in-law on Facebook about the recent health care reform legislation that caused the entire fabric of our nation to unravel dominated our news cycle for at least 48 hours before being usurped by Tiger Woods. At some point in this discussion, one of his friends chimed in with that old trope “I don’t want my tax money to go towards abortion.”

Breathe, it’s OK. they just don’t know any better.

I briefly schooled her in the Hyde Amendment and Obama’s executive order (signed that same day), and she actually thanked me for the info.


Anyway, that’s not the point. In that same response, I said “I’m pro-life. I don’t want my tax dollars going toward the bombing of innocent civilians. Who do I vote for?”

That’s right. Pro-life.

Breathe, it’s OK. I’m Pro-choice, too. Were that choice up to me, I’d chose life. But that choice isn’t up to me, and shouldn’t be. Invasions, state-sponsored revenge killings, torture, indiscriminate targeting of civilian populations… I don’t consider anyone “pro-life” if they oppose abortion but support these atrocities.

I get the “choice” between the least odious of two choices when it comes to voting. I go with the one that’s going to do the most good to the most number of people and the least harm to the least number of people. Turns out neither of them are ever gems, but I have to start somewhere, I guess. Voting for them doesn’t mean I can’t tell them to go fuck themselves when they’re bad.

  1. An executive order does not trump statutory law or the provisions in the bill that will become the law. It also cannot prevent insurance companies that pay for abortions in the exchanges from receiving federal subsidies. Not to mention that an executive order can be revoked at any time.

    Also in the healthcare bill, the section pertaining to the Community Health Center fund fails to specify that the Hyde Amendment restrictions apply. The fact that the Hyde language was not included in the bill (due to the reconciliation process) was the reason that Stupak fought to get the executive order in the first place.

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