If the poor get poorer, does Stan Huskey get a Porsche?

Posted: 7 June 2010 in civil rights, human rights, republicans, stan huskey

Stan continues his ideological assault on the poor.

He sees people driving “Porches”* and wonders why we don’t tax clothing.

This time, I go for the jugular.

This is the knee-jerk, short-sighted, all-for-me approach that I’m well used to seeing from you, Stan, as well as the Tea Party movement.

You see Hummers, Benzes and Porsches in the KoP parking lot, and your immediate thought is that since some people drive those expensive cars, and there are clothing stores in the mall, then everyone should be able to afford an 8% tax on clothing (instead of thinking, perhaps, that we should add an 8% tax on Hummers, Benzes and Porsches). All of your economic arguments boil down “adding 2 cents here or there isn’t going to kill anyone,” as if that’s the only amount ever being spent. You argue from the position that $6.40 isn’t a big burden on anyone who’s already spending $79.99, as if that’s their budget for the entire year. The reality is (as I have pointed out to you repeatedly in the past) that your 8% tax reduces the buying power of everyone by a considerable amount over the course of a year. You once proposed adding sales tax to food – over the course of a year, that equals two extra weeks’ worth of groceries that everyone would be paying for and not getting.

So, let’s say we add your regressive tax (no quotes, that’s actually what it is). Let’s say we start charging 8% on necessities. Is that any skin off the back of the people driving Porsches? Not really. Is it any skin off the back of the person that took the bus to Target in order to purchase clothing for their children? Yeah, actually, it is. And that’s the whole reason they’re called “necessities,” Stan. These are things that people need to survive. You’re literally talking about an 8% increase in the cost of living, in addition to the 2%-4% is already raises every year, and then you have the sheer callousness to bark at teachers for asking for a 1.5%-2% increase? I have to wonder, Stan – do you have any regard for your fellow man at all, or do you care only for how much of your paycheck you get to keep? Do you even understand what the economic impact of raising the cost of living 10% would be?

I used to be a Conservative. And then I grew up and realized that my prosperity doesn’t end at my doorstep. Dropping everyone’s economic power by 10% hurts us far, far more than the tax revenue would help.

That’s my view of the Tea Party. “All for me!” you scream. “To Hell with my fellow man! I am not my brother’s keeper!” This isn’t a Christian nation, this is Nod, and you’re not Job, Stan. You’re the Pharisee.

* Yes, this is the editor of the Times-Herald. Is it any wonder that the newspaper industry is going the way of the dodo?


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