Who needs civilized society?

Posted: 9 June 2010 in civil rights, human rights, republicans, stan huskey

Stan heaps more hate on the poor and misinterprets facts and figures, which are, incidentally, readily accessible in articles published by the very newspaper that he is the editor of.

OK, did comhradh and anonymous (June7, 2010 6:10 p.m.) understand that I want to do away with the property tax?

Yes, Stan, I did understand that. You want to do away with one tax that “unfairly targets property owners” and replace it with one that unfairly targets the poor.

You want those who are least able to bear the burden to take your share of it. You want people who spend more to contribute less, and those who have less contribute more.

No the tax isn’t going to hurt the porsche driving crowd, but you do realize they actually purchase a lot more than the scooter driving crowd, don’t you?

We’re talking about necessities, here, not Porsches or Hummers. If your argument for a blanket sales tax is that they’re purchasing more discretionary items, then why aren’t you suggesting an increase in the existing sales tax?

it’s not an “all for me” approach. It’s an approach that is fair for everyone. How about, instead of bashing what I have to say, you come up with an alternative?

It’s not fair for everyone. It is in no way fair to ask people living at the poverty line to pay more simply because you don’t like paying taxes. Here’s an alternative, Stan: how about you sell your property so you won’t have to pay property taxes anymore? That way, you can benefit from the tax dollars of other people without having to pay as much into the system, which is exactly what you’re proposing.

Sugarcoat it all you want to square your conscience, Stan, but your taxation arguments all boil down to you benefiting at the expense of everyone else, especially those who can least afford it. I have not once, in the six years I’ve been reading your opinions, witnessed you propose a tax plan that did not directly and negatively impact people at or below the middle class. Every single time you have spoken about taxes, you advocate shifting your burden onto the poor. How is that not an “all for me” approach?

I’ve never “barked at a teacher for asking for a 1.5%-2% increase.” Please, if you’re going to attempt to take me to task, get your facts straight. I have however, barked at teachers for asking for 6 percent increases and a decrease in the amount of health care they pay.

Do you even understand the figures you cite? That 6% was over four years (or rather, 8.75% over five years). That’s less than a 2% increase per year. The cost of healthcare is rising at an increased rate, so a decrease in the amount they pay for it would actually be to get them back to the level it was at. So yes, you (now by your own admission) barked at teachers asking for a 1.5%-2% increase. You told them to shut up and accept a pay cut with good humor, and then have the gall to complain that you’re paying too much in taxes. Here’s an idea, Stan. How about you quit complaining and offer to pay more property taxes? These are hard times, after all, and you apparently have enough money to walk in to the King of Prussia Mall, so you won’t mind paying more. It’s only fair, right?


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