Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Posted: 10 June 2010 in civil rights, education, human rights, republicans, stan huskey

Stan busts out the old “OMG SOCIALISM” claptrap. I’m thinking that there’s a chance that “Stan Huskey” is an automated bot programmed by FreedomWorks.

Between Montco PA Dem and comhradh you would think we were living in a socialist nation… We tax, that’s what we do in this country, so you’re telling me, and by that I mean both of you, that the only people that should be taxed, and taxed hard, are the people who have made something of themselves? Let’s take care of every need of everyone who doesn’t want to do it for themselves, is that your collective position?

You know, sometimes Republicans say some quotable things. One that springs to mind is “there you go again.” If taxing people according to their income is your definition of socialism, then someone needs to tell Ronald Reagan that he lost the Cold War, because Europe is a veritable Marxist dreamland.

People who have benefited from a system that allows some to float to the top shouldn’t mind giving more back so that the system can take care of the rest that are left to float to the bottom.

Again, Stan, if you want to view this in a straight dollars-and-cents manner and ignore the basic humanity of caring for one’s neighbor, wouldn’t it be better to have a well-fed and healthy workforce? Even your Soylent fiscal policy should be able to come to grips with that.

And conhradh, just another correction to your last post. Methacton teachers are asking for nearly 6 percent per year for four years, for teachers still going through the steps, not 6 percent for the whole four years. I like debating with people, but not with people who simply don’t pay attention.

It’s Còmhradh, Mr. Editor, and I was referring to the North Penn contract, which you also were referring to in the editorial I was referencing. Although, for the record, Methacton teachers are asking for 8% over 4 years (that’s 2% per year, if you’re paying attention). I am, of course, getting these figures from an article printed in the Times Herald, the local paper. Perhaps you’re familiar with it?

The joke here (if you missed it) is that he’s the editor of the Times Herald.


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