Christine O’Donnell, punchline.

Posted: 7 October 2010 in indecision 2010, republicans

Christine O’Donnell is a sack of hilarity, a veritable tea bag of chuckles.

O’Donnell complains of ‘character assassination.’

Of course, this would imply that she has a character to assassinate.  Helpful hints:  When you get in front of the camera and a) claim to have once been a Satanic witch and b) demand that people stop masturbating, don’t blame the “liberal media” for showing these videos.

In her latest ad, she says “I’m nothing you’ve heard.”  Considering all of the crazy shit I’ve heard about Christine O’Donnell has come from the mouth of Christine O’Donnell, I guess what she’s saying is “I’M A FUCKING LIAR PLEASE DON’T TRUST ME!”  Of course, she might be lying there.  Who knows?

Slacktivist has discussed and analyzed and dissected O’Donnell and her statements, and Jay Smooth has offered his take.  Here’s what bothers me about her: She’s so obviously ridiculous, yet the “liberal media” doesn’t seem to realize that they’re getting punked.  You’d think it would be obvious from her photo on Wikipedia that’s reminiscent of faked Bigfoot evidence.

We have here a candidate that rode a faux-populist anti-incumbent surge to knock of a moderate Republican candidate in the Republican primary in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 62%-38%.  She managed to convince about 10% of the voting public in Delaware that she was the better choice.  Her opponent in the primary was the generally popular Mike Castle, who was accosted by birthbaggers last year at a town hall meeting about healthcare.  Castle has Kennedy-level support in Delaware, and it was looking like Joe Biden’s seat was going to move to the other side of the aisle until O’Donnell came along.

The problem with O’Donnell is that the media treats her like an actual candidate and not the non-sequiter producing machine that the she is.

She’s an self-styled Evangelical Christian/Catholic who believes in abstinence and lived with her boyfriend in a house that she paid for with public campaign funds and was cited numerous times for letting the property deteriorate.

She’s said that she has classified intelligence that proves that China is plotting to overthrow our government.

She has stated that she believes that homosexuals have a personality disorder.

She believes that there’s more evidence for creation than evolution.

She’s a perennial Senate candidate who happened to get lucky in one primary.

Plainly stated, she’s a joke.  Hilarity should be ensuing.  The media should be pointing and laughing at her, but in the strange interest of “balance,” they’re treating her as if she was a legitimate candidate.  It’s like the episode of Family Guy, Running Mates.  One candidate is a serious, qualified, actual candidate, and the other is a buffoon.  Here’s a hint, “liberal media:”  O’Donnell isn’t being played by Lois Griffin here.


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