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I get it already, thanks.

Posted: 11 October 2010 in feminism, women's rights

I’m not a woman, so please excuse me if I step out of line here a bit:  I’m fucking tired of hearing about Breast Cancer Awareness.  Not breast cancer, Breast Cancer Awareness.  While I understand that the average American is dumber than a box of rocks and can be relied upon to get simple general-knowledge/current events questions embarrassingly wrong, I believe that it’s safe to say that any woman who isn’t aware of breast cancer has been living under a rock for the past few years.

I have three problems with the phenomenon that is BCA:

1)  Turning everything pink does does nothing to make people aware of anything except a vague concept that has to to with the more acceptable to ogle ladyparts,

2) The push for “awareness” doesn’t seem to include a lot of education on prevention.  Seems like they want people to be aware that there’s a shitload of pink crap to buy.

3) Marketing this to men is like marketing motor oil awareness to women.  Yes, I just fucking said that.  And I have a valid point – When it comes to the standard nuclear family, which, believe it or not, is the standard, the woman almost always the person in charge of the family’s medical care.  It’s just the way our society has shaken out.  The man, on the other hand, handles the vehicle.  Now, he may be rock-dumb when it comes to changing the oil, but head down to your local service station and tell me how many women you see changing an oil filter.  The point here is that BCA is a product marketing campaign and not much else.  So, instead of going after their target audience, they’ve decided to smear hot pink all over every NFL uniform.  See that, guys?  FOOTBALL BEER TITS.  Cowboys lost to the Titans yesterday, and then you went upstairs and jerked off to the thought of your girlfriend touching herself while completely missing the point of breast cancer.

The NFL’s target audience is not women.  Sure, the money-printing machine that it is has certainly tried to build its female demographic, but in the end, it plays to its base.  The fact that it has drenched itself in pink is proof of one thing:  it cares far more about its fans’ erections than its fans’ health.  It’s not trying to raise BCA for all the womenfolk it want to watch its product, it’s going with FOOTBALL BEER TITS.  If it cared about its target audience, we’d be seeing a lot more ads for Prostate Cancer Awareness.

Hey, I understand that telling your violently heterosexual audience that they’re going to die unless they allow their doctor to sodomize them probably isn’t a good money maker.  But when you consider that prostate cancer kills nearly as many men as breast cancer kills women annually, it’s a bit remiss on the part of the NFL to run with a marketing campaign that was obviously having no problems smearing itself over everything else.

For me, the worst part about it is the overt sexualization of breast cancer coupled with the disassociation of breast and women.  Women are more than a set of tits.  Cancer isn’t sexy.  Getting men to care about pink ribbons on a football is not doing anything to cure cancer or save lives – all it’s doing is selling FOOTBALL BEER TITS.  And it’s not even help save the lives of the people it’s being sold to.

So here’s my compromise:  Figure out a way to sexualize prosate cancer for women, and then have The View and Oprah aggressively market it.


Recently, I had a “discussion” with my brother-in-law on Facebook about the recent health care reform legislation that caused the entire fabric of our nation to unravel dominated our news cycle for at least 48 hours before being usurped by Tiger Woods. At some point in this discussion, one of his friends chimed in with that old trope “I don’t want my tax money to go towards abortion.”

Breathe, it’s OK. they just don’t know any better.

I briefly schooled her in the Hyde Amendment and Obama’s executive order (signed that same day), and she actually thanked me for the info.


Anyway, that’s not the point. In that same response, I said “I’m pro-life. I don’t want my tax dollars going toward the bombing of innocent civilians. Who do I vote for?”

That’s right. Pro-life.

Breathe, it’s OK. I’m Pro-choice, too. Were that choice up to me, I’d chose life. But that choice isn’t up to me, and shouldn’t be. Invasions, state-sponsored revenge killings, torture, indiscriminate targeting of civilian populations… I don’t consider anyone “pro-life” if they oppose abortion but support these atrocities.

I get the “choice” between the least odious of two choices when it comes to voting. I go with the one that’s going to do the most good to the most number of people and the least harm to the least number of people. Turns out neither of them are ever gems, but I have to start somewhere, I guess. Voting for them doesn’t mean I can’t tell them to go fuck themselves when they’re bad.

Yahoo’s headline the day after Super Bowl XLIV was “Guys take a beating in funny Bowl ads.” Well, that’s not very accurate. Women took most of the beating, figuratively and literally.  There were a swath of commercials that either outright denigrated women or took shots at my manhood by insinuating that if I have anything to do with women other than raping and pillaging, I am not actually a man.

1 – Betty White gets pasted in a backyard football game. So does Abe Vigoda, but this commercial is probably among the least offensive one of the woman-beating pack.

2 – Tim Tebow tackles the woman who made the brave choice to bring him to term despite her doctor’s warning that the pregnancy could kill both of them. Moral? Ban abortion. And the gay.  It wasn’t really offensive, except when they flashed the Focus on the Family website. *

3 – The Dockers ads weren’t blatant on their face, unless you see the print side of this campaign. Strange, I feel more manly when I’m wearing a kilt.

4 – Teleflora promoted the notion of the bitch-in-charge and the idea that women in the workplace are constantly attempting to one-up each other.

5 – The Dodge Charger commercial that tells men everywhere that being an equal member of the household and putting up with your ridiculous woman is only a means unto an end: driving a gas-guzzling penis surrogate.

6 – Dove felt the need to chime in and tell me exactly what makes me a man, including “be good at sports, always look cool” and “find a nice girl who’ll say ‘I do’.”

7 – E*Trade tells us it’s never too young to sleep around and play the markets. (You must be 18 years of age to open an E*Trade Securities account).

8 – Budweiser told us to stop listening to that obnoxious harridan and drink some beer. Just because she found a way to survive The Island and even get your ass rescued, she needs to shut the fuck up – she’s no Matthew Fox.

9 – In the “as blatant as I wanna be” category, we have FloTV informing me that if I go lingerie shopping with my woman, she has “removed my spine.” Seriously?!

10 – And, as always, there are the increasingly offensive and ludicrous Godaddy commercials that tell us what we all want to know: women just want to tear their clothing off in the presence of Danica Patrick – and not just because they’re attracted to her, but because they want to work the domain-registration pole.

* The FotF ad was followed on the next break by this ad.  Mark Sanchez starts talking about the sound of his own heartbeat, and everyone in the room gets ready to scream or throw things at the screen thinking it’s another anti-choice ad, but it turned out to be a message about women’s heart health.  Props to CBS – of course, the Tebow ad was a shot against women’s health, an that doesn’t make you even.

Joe Sestak officially announced that he’s challenging Arlen Specter. So, we have an admiral vs. a ship jumper.

I know that the primary is almost a year away, but this one’s important.  Arlen Specter’s not the worst Senator out there, but he’s on the wrong side of a number of issues and can’t even be bothered to sugar-coat the fact that he is concerned, first and foremost, with his own political career.

Joe Sestak is solid on all of my hot button issues:

He supports gender equality and women’s rights.
He supports LGBT equality and a repeal of DOMA.
He’s good on education, labor, healthcare and the environment.

In short, he’ll make a better advocate for Pennsylvania in the Senate, and while I’m always nervous in an election regardless of the odds, I’d say that anyone with a pulse has a good chance of beating the everloving snot out of Pat Toomey, who is just barely capable of purchasing Geico insurance.

Jimmy Carter stands up to his religion for his morals and women everywhere (h/t to Feministing):

I HAVE been a practising Christian all my life and a deacon and Bible teacher for many years. My faith is a source of strength and comfort to me, as religious beliefs are to hundreds of millions of people around the world. So my decision to sever my ties with the Southern Baptist Convention, after six decades, was painful and difficult. It was, however, an unavoidable decision when the convention’s leaders, quoting a few carefully selected Bible verses and claiming that Eve was created second to Adam and was responsible for original sin, ordained that women must be “subservient” to their husbands and prohibited from serving as deacons, pastors or chaplains in the military service.

That is quite the example.

Short list this week, but I’ve been busy.

Pat Buchanan is a screaming racist – But hey, what’s new?

Conservative Texans hate civil liberties, and want your children to hate them too – Haven’t they seceeded yet?  WHAT IS TAKING THEM SO LONG?

Anti-choice people have gone off the deep end – Outlawing birth control? Seriously people, move the the fucking Vatican already and LEAVE NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS ALONE.

In the wake of two incidents of right-wing domestic terrorism, maybe monitoring right-wing extremists actually was a good idea.

And now, as Ed from Gin and Tacos points out, these terrorists-in-waiting have now been assured that these tactics work!  The government’s not going to monitor them, when they gun people down, the clinics close… So what if they get martyred for their deeds?

Dick Cheney was right.  We got hit by terrorists again.  But this time, part of the blame has to rest squarely on the shoulders of people who agree with his policies, because they were the ones screaming to repeal measures that would make us safer.

Republicans:  soft on terror.